How we started.

Cherrytree Enterprises, Inc. was established in 1992, as a family owned and operated custom metal fabricator, determined to provide our customers with great service, quality fabricated parts and products, fairly priced..... So far, so good.
We also had a second goal, which was to provide a great place to work, one which was satisfying, stimulating, and more than just a job. If virtually no employee turnover since then is a measure, that goal is being met.
Now, after 24 years, we're into our 2nd generation(and planning for more) at Cherrytree. We, and our great group of employees are ready and anxious to serve you as a customer. Please give us a chance to show what we can do for you.
Being located in Kansas City, Kansas gives us an excellent shipping advantage over competitors. We can ship more cost effectively across the country.
We continue to offer free delivery anywhere in Kansas City.